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10 Phrasal Verbs with AROUND

2019.06.04 12:42:40

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10 Phrasal Verbs with AROUND

Phrasal verbs are loved and loathed in equal measure. One little particle can completely change the meaning of the verb. Today let’s add the preposition  AROUND  to some of the common English verbs and have a look at  10 Phrasal verbs with AROUND .

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11 English Phrasal Verbs with Around


to talk someone around means usually to persuade or convince them or get them to change their mind

Example: Michael really does not want to study very hard for his exams. I speak with him every day to persuade him that it is important for his future. I am hoping I can talk him around to seeing my point of view.


to see what you can find, to search for something

Example: I’m not aware of any issues with this software but I’ll look around and see what happened.


When we have a problem we try to find a solution to get over (fix) the difficulty.

Example: I just could not balance the accounts. Something was wrong but I could not identify the problem. I asked my brother to help. He is an accountant and I knew he would be able to find a “work around” that would fix the problem.


to regain consiousness

Example: He got knocked down and only came around in the hospital.


to find time to do something

Example: I haven’t got around to writing my essay yet.


to check different shops (vendors) in order to find the best price, quality or option for something that you want to buy

Example: If you don’t shop around for house insurance every year, you could be losing out on a lot of savings.

Phrasal Verbs with AROUND

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When we are in a rush or a hurry and haven’t a lot of time we usually do things quickly.

Example: My Mother was coming to stay and the house was such a mess. I flew around the house in an hour hoovering and cleaning every room as I know she would notice anything dirty!


This is very informal and is often used when we casually suggest that someone might like to visit us or when we suggest we might  call in on  (visit) someone else.

Example: I met my friend Sue in the supermarket yesterday. We know each other a long time. I suggested that she’d drop around to my place some morning for a coffee and a chat (informal conversation).


to become better, something changes so it becomes successful and/or profitable

Example: Our team has the opportunity to turn around last year’s disappointing fifth place.


to spend time somewhere, usually without any particular purpose

Example: They hang around the house all day playing computer games.


This is a very informal way of avoiding some issue that either you do not want to talk about or that might offend or embarrass the person to whom you are talking.

Example: Jack, my friend from college recently separated from his long time girlfriend. I met him in the park. He asked me what I was doing the next day. The next day happened to be Valentine’s day so I managed somehow to skirt around (avoid) telling him that I was going to take my girlfriend for a romantic meal!!

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